Good Day!

Just to introduce myself, my name is Yussuf & I am 22 years old. I see myself as an open minded and easy going individual who enjoys to meet new people and integrate, this allows me to experience and learn new cultures and backgrounds. And i can always use and apply these aspects into my lifestyle and grow as a person. I recently moved from the UK, London to Copenhagen in order to further develop my studies at CphBusinessAcademy in Lyngby, studying Multimedia Design and Communication’s. The reason why i chose this particular program is because I’ve got a keen interest in Web-Developing and Creativity, and I feel I can really benefit and express my ideas through these two aspects. I have created this site to showcase my projects and any up-coming content, also i can get a chance to introduce myself and hopefully develop further as a person alongside my projects.

White clock with words Time to Adapt on its face
White clock with words Time to Adapt on its face

Now a bit about myself……

To clarify things, I got the chance to experience two different lifestyles. I lived the first 11 years of my life in Denmark, and the other 11 years of my life in the UK. the key parts I’ve noticed and can compare of these two environments is the people and they way they view each other and live their life’s. In the UK, especially London which is where i was living. People tend to live a really fast passed life, since there’s always something happening and upcoming opportunities for people to dwell on and fill their egos. Now in Denmark on the other hand, it is certainly undeniable that life runs much easier and smoother. Also people aren’t as judgemental when it comes to expressing ideas and they will more or less support you and provide useful feedback.

uk dk


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